Jan Savitt: It's a Wonderful World


It's a Wonderful World


Jan Savitt (leader)


It's Time to Jump and Shout (VMP 0071)

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Jan Savitt (leader),

Bon Bon [George Tunnell] (vocals), Johnny Austin, Jimmy Campbell, Jack Hanson (trumpets), Cutty Cutshall, Ben Pickering, Al Leopold (trombones), George Bohn, Ed Clausen (alto saxes), Frank Ludwig, Jack Ferrier (tenor saxes), Gene DePaul (piano), Guy Smith (guitar), Morris Rayman (bass), Russ Isaacs (drums)


Composed by Jan Savitt, Johnny Watson & Harold Adamson; arranged by Johnny Watson


Recorded: New York, November 5, 1939


Rating: 90/100 (learn more)

During the big band era, songwriters were usually under contract to publishers, who would in turn hound bandleaders and A&R men at the labels to record new songs. There are few instances of a homegrown song, written by a bandleader and a staff arranger, becoming a standard that is still performed many years later. "It's a Wonderful World" is one of those, having been covered by numerous artists, including Frank Sinatra, Peggy Lee, Ella Fitzgerald, and Count Basie. Like Jan Savitt's other huge hit, "720 in the Books," the song has a memorable melody that stays with you. This track is a fairly straightforward, swinging affair, with a great vocal by George Tunnell.

Reviewer: Jeff Sultanof

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