Richie Goods & Nuclear Fusion: Desert Song (long version)


Desert Song (long version)


Richie Goods & Nuclear Fusion


Live at the Zinc Bar (Richman Productions)

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Richie Goods (bass),

Helen Sung (keyboards), Jeff Lockhart (guitar), Mike Clark (drums)


Composed by Richie Goods & Helen Sung


Recorded: New York, September 2007


Rating: 89/100 (learn more)

Those of you paying attention to anything I write on have probably determined I am a sucker for fusion music that incorporates Eastern or Far Eastern musical modes. This is one such song. Though a tinge of Spanish influence leaks through Helen Sung's electric and acoustic keyboard work (sounding like Chick Corea at times), the dominant scalar characters come from the Arabian deserts and Indian plains. To capture some of the Indian tradition, guitarist Jeff Lockhart often slides up and down his strings to mimic Indian string instruments. Goods's own bassline sounds more Arabic. Drummer Clark's excited percussion is Western in nature. That's why they call it fusion. You mix things together. This is a very good world fusion number. Whether the band did all of those things I mentioned on purpose or not is irrelevant. The music speaks for itself.

Nuclear Fusion has great potential. I'd like to hear them a couple of years out, if this is a long-term project. I felt I had to give a little advice to Goods in my review of the band's performance of "Snake Oil." I feel compelled to add some advice here, too. But it is because I dig the music and want the best for the people creating it. "Desert Song," listed as such on the outside of the CD but named "Desert Jam" on the inside cover, appears in two versions on the album. One version is shortened for the radio. Please don't do that again.

Reviewer: Walter Kolosky

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