Mark Helias: King Judas


King Judas


Mark Helias' Open Loose


Verbs of Will (Radio Legs)

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Mark Helias (bass), Tony Malaby (tenor sax),

Tom Rainey (drums)


Composed by Mark Helias


Recorded: Brooklyn, NY, November 3, 2002


Rating: 95/100 (learn more)

Whatever they play, these three will make it sound special because each has a most distinctive approach. Coupling the huge, yet sometimes soft, yet sometimes shrieking tenor sound of Tony Malaby, the crisp, dynamic and melodic drumming of Tom Rainey and the bouncing, supple yet at times aggressive bass sound of Mark Helias could just be a jazz fan's dream. Fortunately it was also Helias's dream, and he made it come true under the name Open Loose, one of the most stimulating groups to come out of the New York jazz crucible in the last decade. This track is from their third record, and knowing that they refuse to stop growing makes it a little frightening. It's literally free, full of fresh ideas and surprises, and the musicians have so much fun playing that anybody without prejudice is bound to want to go along with them and find out what they're after—which is simply their own way of playing music together. And that's a lot.

Reviewer: Thierry Quénum


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