Jim Beard: Song of the Sun


Song of the Sun


Jim Beard (piano, synthesizers, Nakoma bells)


Song of the Sun (CTI 847 926-2)

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Jim Beard (piano, synthesizers, Nakoma bells),

Jon Herington (guitar), Anthony Jackson (bass), Kenny Aronoff (drums), Mino Cinelu (birambau and wind stick)


Composed by Jim Beard


Recorded: Stamford, CT, Summer 1990


Rating: 86/100 (learn more)

I am cutting keyboardist Jim Beard some slack in this review. "Song of the Sun" has a fun melody and is played to the hilt by very talented musicians. But about 90% of the tune is Smooth Jazz. (Where is the Ipecac when you need it?) The saving grace is that composer Beard amps-up the dramatics as the tune closes out. That calls for electric guitarist Jon Herington to wail away. You'd never hear this solo on Smooth Jazz radio! (Hey, I found the Ipecac!) The whole thing reminds me of when boxers Muhammad Ali or Sugar Ray Leonard would wait until the last 30 seconds of a round to throw about a hundred punches to steal the round. It works here, too. Under the "10-Point Must System" Beard loses six rounds 10-8 and two rounds 10-9. He wins the final two rounds 10-2. The decision goes in Beard's favor 86 to 84. But he'd better not box I mean, play in front of less forgiving judges for a while.

Reviewer: Walter Kolosky

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