Bebo Valdes & Javier Colina: Waltz for Debby


Waltz for Debby


Bebo Valdes (piano) and Javier Colina (bass)


Live At The Village Vanguard (Norte 8869 721111 2)

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Bebo Valdes (piano), Javier Colina (bass).

Composed by Bill Evans


Recorded: live at the Village Vanguard, New York, November 11-13, 2005


Rating: 89/100 (learn more)

This Bill Evans classic never gets old to my ears. With the beautiful combination of Bebo Valdes's piano and Javier Colina's very expressive and woody bass, "Waltz for Debby" is given the full-on stately treatment. Valdes glides through the introductory passages with grace before Javier Colina steps in to crank up the swing quotient. This does not stop Valdes from tossing out many lightning-fast arpeggios and extended chords that push the energy level without being needlessly flashy. Valdes was in his mid-80s when he recorded this date, and the music shows how the Cuban jazz icon had lost nothing.

Reviewer: Mark Saleski

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