Miles Stiebel: Dance With Me


Dance With Me


Miles Stiebel (violin, electric violin)


Excellent Distraction (MSE Productions)

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Miles Stiebel (violin, electric violin),

Kevin Burns, Mike Crotty (trumpets, flugelhorns), Ben Patterson (trombone), Pete BarenBregge (tenor, soprano & alto saxes), Doug Morgan (baritone sax), Dan Reynolds (piano, synthesizer), Gerry Kunkel (acoustic and electric guitars), Mark Russell (electric bass), Steve Fidyk (drums), Sam Turner, Bob Dawson (percussion)


Composed by Miles Stiebel


Recorded: Springfield, Virginia


Rating: 85/100 (learn more)

OK, it's time to admit the obvious: I have somehow become a sucker for jazz covers of pop tunes from the 1970s. "Dance With Me" was a pretty big hit for the group Orleans, and though I was a fan at the time, I can sense that part of me likes this cover for the nostalgia factor. Let's face it, each of us enjoys music for different reasons, and sometimes those reasons can cause more than a bit of cognitive dissonance. As a jazz guy, I can't deny that the percussion here leans a little too much toward the "happy" (read: Smooth) side of things. And speaking of happy, the violin that takes the role of the vocal melodies is just, well bursting! The same can be said for the horn flourishes. Oh, and then there's the funky guitar bits, which have a sort of Chuck Mangione "Feels So Good" vibe. And yet ah, screw the reasons. This is simply a load of fun, just like the original tune. So there!

Reviewer: Mark Saleski

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