Paul Sullivan: Rain on the Lake


Rain on the Lake


Paul Sullivan (piano, organ)


Break Away (River Music RM 115)

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Paul Sullivan (piano, organ),

Paul Lieberman (alto & tenor saxes, flute, piccolo), Eliot Wadopian (bass), Seth Kearns, Bill Friederich (percussion)


Composed by Paul Sullivan


Recorded: New York, released 2008


Rating: 89/100 (learn more)

Starting with the gentlest of piano voicings by Paul Sullivan and deftly backed by wind-brushed percussion, hollow flute tones and rustling shells for good measure, this double-timed piece is a joyful adventure into impressionistic music. Using the rarely heard piccolo to great effect, Paul Lieberman prances through this rhythmic-centered tune while Sullivan, his two percussionists and bassist Wadopian drive the music through its serpentine curves. The staccato quality of the melody line opens to nicely cascading sounds that effectively emulate rushing and falling water. The music builds to a beautifully rhapsodic pinnacle of tension as Lieberman's pointillistic piccolo meshes precisely with Sullivan's wistful piano. They provide a complementary call and response that codifies into a swirling, almost classical break before returning to the original melody line, commandingly followed by a crescendo-building finale to break the spell.

Reviewer: Ralph A. Miriello


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