Vinnie Cutro: Time Will Tell


Time Will Tell


Vinnie Cutro & New York City Soundscape


Sakura (Royal Music Ensembles RME 72307)

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Vinnie Cutro (trumpet), Jerry Bergonzi (tenor sax), Billy Hart (drums),

Bob Ferrel (trombone), Charles Blenzig (piano), Jay Anderson (bass)


Composed by Vinnie Cutro


Recorded: New York, 2008


Rating: 90/100 (learn more)

"Time Will Tell" features a repetitive intro line carried throughout the song by Jay Anderson's plucky basslines and Charles Blenzig's supportive piano backing. Anchored by the metronome-like rim-based timekeeping of a very understated but effective Billy Hart on drums, this rhythmic backdrop allows the two frontline horns to play their nonlinear progressions in classic synchronicity. New Jersey educator and trumpeter Vinnie Cutro has written this tune with a bow to the influences of his predecessors Woody Shaw and Lee Morgan, and succeeds in bringing us back to that distinctive sound. He is effectively paired with powerful tenorman Jerry Bergonzi, the two executing their parts with a cool and coincidental efficiency.

Featuring his muted horn, Cutro extracts some distinctively evocative lines that are nicely contrapuntal to the persistently steady asymmetric melody line. Blenzig lends an important element to the overall sound with his thoughtful chords and quiet embellishments, and Hart and Anderson consistently but subtly keep it all together.

Vinnie Cutro shows he has the mettle to assemble and lead a swinging band of accomplished musicians, as well as write straight-ahead music that captures a timeless sound.

Reviewer: Ralph A. Miriello

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