Earl Klugh: Captain Caribe


Captain Caribe


Earl Klugh (acoustic guitar)


Living Inside Your Love (Blue Note 77544)

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Earl Klugh (acoustic guitar), Dave Grusin (keyboards),

Eddie Daniels (flute, soprano & tenor saxes), Jeff Mironov (guitar), Ron Carter (bass), Steve Gadd (drums), Ralph MacDonald (percussion)


Composed by Dave Grusin


Recorded: New York and Los Angeles, late 1976


Rating: 93/100 (learn more)

"Captain Caribe" is the initial track from Earl Klugh's Living Inside Your Love, and its hyperactivity still sounds fresh today. Klugh rises to the occasion and gives every ounce of himself. True to the song's title, the music utilizes bright Polynesian-sounding rhythms and scales performed on synthesized marimbas and vibes. They perfectly complement Klugh's steel-sounding acoustic guitar, and even though several effects are present, the music is not over-drenched in reverb. This brings the performance's true sound to life. Obviously, Klugh's soloing provides the focus. His intonation is perfect as he wrestles the soul from his instrument at a high rate of speed and with absolute control. Fortunately, since his lines are essential, his volume is placed somewhat atop the rest of the mix. As he lays down the written melodies, he expounds on them in a variety of ways. Regardless of whether his soloing is chordal or based upon single notes, Klugh is simultaneously confident, proficient and technically fluid. "Captain Caribe" accurately represents his personal attributes as a player.

Reviewer: Marcus Singletary

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