Jan Hammer: One to One


One to One


Jan Hammer (keyboards, percussion)


Oh, Yeah? (Wounded Bird WOU-437)

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Jan Hammer (keyboards, percussion),

Steve Kindler (violin), Fernando Saunders (bass, vocals), Tony Smith (drums, vocals), David Earle Johnson (congas, percussion)


Composed by Jan Hammer & Tony Smith


Recorded: New York, April 1976


Rating: 82/100 (learn more)

"One to One" was a musical harbinger, a clue well placed by Jan Hammer that he wasn't going to be just about jazz-rock instrumentals anymore. He would branch out. There were going to be attempts at R&B and even pop music in the future. I wish I had known at the time to what extent this would transpire; I would have looked at this tune more harshly than I did then. It is actually a good song. The instrumentation had fusion overtones even if the lyrics and Tony Smith's vocals did not. Tony could sing. I never heard "One to One" performed live, but one song like this per set never hurt anyone. I probably would have bobbed my head and smiled as this distraction prepared me for another fusion onslaught. But if I heard another song just like it next, I would have started sweating in panic. I review jazz, progressive jazz and jazz-rock for jazz.com. If I reviewed R&B and pop I would rate "One to One" an 89. But I do not.

Reviewer: Walter Kolosky

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