Jerry Goodman & Jan Hammer: Full Moon Boogie


Full Moon Boogie


Jerry Goodman (electric violin, electric guitar, vocals) and Jan Hammer (drums, keyboards, vocals)


Like Children (Wounded Bird WOU 430)

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Jerry Goodman (electric violin, electric guitar, vocals), Jan Hammer (drums, keyboards, vocals).

Composed by Jerry Goodman & Jan Hammer


Recorded: Nederland, Colorado, 1974


Rating: 85/100 (learn more)

I could do without the vocals on "Full Moon Boogie." You could too. Most are uncontrolled shouting peppered with some off-kilter choruses. Still, they have sort of a democratic charm that would not have been out of place on, say, an early Frank Zappa album. I agree with a lot of the critics who reviewed Like Children at the time. I forgive Jerry and Jan for their singing efforts. They were only trying to have some fun. This is especially true on this number. But the vocals play second fiddle to the outstanding music that dominated them anyway. Hammer and Goodman play all the instruments. They sound just as whole and powerful as any fusion quintet could. It is an impressive exhibition. Once the opening vocals are disposed of, the tune does become a fully fueled fusion boogie. The two musicians trade energetic salvos over a throbbing riff-based groove. Jerry Goodman is a damn good guitar player. Did you know that? Jan Hammer is a damn good drummer, too. Did you know that? They just aren't very good singers. But you already knew that.

Reviewer: Walter Kolosky

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