Jan Hammer: Domicile's Last Night


Domicile's Last Night


Jan Hammer (keyboards)


Maliny Maliny (MPS 1784595)

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Jan Hammer (keyboards), George Mraz (bass),

Cees See (drums)


Composed by Jan Hammer


Recorded: Munich, Germany, August 1968


Rating: 94/100 (learn more)

When listening to a new piece of music, do you ever get that weird feeling that it's familiar but not familiar at the same time? Like meeting a new friend who reminds you of an old one. The notes aren't the same. The structure is completely different. But there is still this oblique déjà vu that you enjoy but can't shake. "Domicile's Last Night" always reminds me of Woody Shaw's fantastic composition "Moontrane" as played by Shaw and Larry Young. That would make some sense I guess because both Young and Hammer are playing the B-3 organ. But the two tunes are nothing alike. Can you explain that? I can't. I can say this tune was recorded the last night of Hammer's trio gig at Munich's Domicile nightclub. I can also point out that drummer Cees See has that Elvin Jones growling thing down pat, and that bassist George Mraz is a damn good musician. Oh, and of course Jan Hammer is a genius. Put that all together and you have quite an impressive straight-ahead organ trio romp whether it reminds you of "Moontrane," "Moon River," "Blue Moon," or better yet since we are talking about Jan Hammer, "Moon over Miami."

Reviewer: Walter Kolosky


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