La Tanya Hall: A Lazy Afternoon


A Lazy Afternoon


La Tanya Hall (vocals)


It's About Time (Bridge 9284)

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La Tanya Hall (vocals),

David Heath (alto flute), Jay Bianchi (piano), Leo Huppert (bass), Damon Duewhite (drums)


Composed by Jerome Moross & John Latouche


Recorded: Glen Cove, NY, 2006


Rating: 84/100 (learn more)

Sometimes, it's all about the textures. I have a friend who thinks I'm crazy because I don't care about the lyrics in most pop and rock music. Sorry, if the music's not happening, I'm just not interested. It's a voice such as La Tanya Hall's that reminds me of why that philosophy is so comforting. Hall manages to be pure of tone while retaining many textures and shadings. She is also at home playing off her side-musicians just witness the vocal line following the shifting piano chords. Subtle but very effective. As the tune nears its end, the interplay between David Heath's flute and Hall's voice is gorgeous, and just a little bit sexy, too.

Reviewer: Mark Saleski

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