Luba Mason: From Me To You


From Me To You


Luba Mason (vocals)


Krazy Love (Sunnyside Communications SSC 4106)

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Luba Mason (vocals),

Renato Neto (piano, keyboards), Sandro Albert (guitars), Jimmy Haslip (bass), Marco Costa (drums), Cassio Duarte (percussion)


Composed by Renato Neto & Luba Mason


Recorded: Los Angeles, CA


Rating: 84/100 (learn more)

Sometimes, you just can't explain the "why." Why am I so attracted to this voice? Surely it's the sultry Latin influence, but Luba Mason brings more to the table. "From Me To You" can be fairly labeled as pop music with Latin shadings with echoes of jazz phrasing and with the directness and organic feel of modern folk music. Of course, this big pile of descriptive letters doesn't really get to center of the attraction. Maybe some things are better left to the ear than to the brain?

Reviewer: Mark Saleski

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