Neil Haverstick: 667 Shuffle


667 Shuffle


Neil Haverstick (guitar, bass)


Way Down by the Mississippi a Blues Guitar Tribute

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Neil Haverstick (guitar, bass),

Mary Stribling (electric & acoustic basses), Ernie Crews (drums)


Composed by Neil Haverstick


Recorded: Denver, Colorado


Rating: 91/100 (learn more)

Some people don't like the blues. Can you imagine? I have this friend whose music-freak level almost rivals mine, but blues doesn't make his list. He's been known to joke, "Yeah, I heard that blues record once." Right, they all sound the same. Well, my friend needs to hear Neil Haverstick. While his first love is obviously the blues, he's also heavily involved in microtonal music. To the uninitiated ear, microtonal compositions (where the scale is built on an octave subdivided by a number other than twelve) can be somewhat unsettling. I've likened the experience to the aural equivalent of looking diagonally through an aquarium. Personally, my ears like it, partly because it's a step away from the Western norm. Anyhow, "667 Shuffle" takes a blistering walk through blues changes and then slathers them with some of the most passionate and twisted lines imaginable. It's like, well OK, maybe it's not like anything you've heard before.

Reviewer: Mark Saleski

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