Bill Evans: So What


So What


Bill Evans (piano)


Blue in Green: The Concert in Canada (Milestone MCD -9185-2)

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Bill Evans (piano), Eddie Gomez (bass), Marty Morell (drums).

Composed by Miles Davis


Recorded: live in Hull, Canada, August 1974


Rating: 90/100 (learn more)

Sometimes I wonder how hip a crowd is. If I were there for this concert, I would have started applauding when bassist Eddie Gomez kicked into the famous opening "So What" riffs that give the song its identity. There was only silence from this audience. From all accounts, it was a very chilly evening. Perhaps that explains things.

Evans, Gomez and drummer Marty Morell do Miles Davis proud with this aggressive rendition. The trio plays a swinging version full of creative improvising from Evans and Gomez. The best musicians play with a flowing ease that makes it all seem so simple. You don't think until afterward what great skill was required to pull off what you just heard. You too get caught in the flow. The finest music happens when you are bowled over without realizing it. The greatest musicians understand that and exploit it.

As this performance ends, the audience finally erupts. I guess they just needed to be warmed up a bit.

Reviewer: Walter Kolosky

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