Bill Henderson: Never Make Your Move Too Soon


Never Make Your Move Too Soon


Bill Henderson (vocals)


Beautiful Memory (Ahuh Productions 1001)

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Bill Henderson (vocals), Roy McCurdy (drums),

Tateng Katindig (piano), Chris Conner (bass)


Composed by Will Jennings and Nesbert Hooper, Jr


Recorded: The Vic, Santa Monica, March 22, 2007


Rating: 87/100 (learn more)

Bill Henderson was celebrating his 81st birthday, which had taken place three days before this gig at The Vic in Santa Monica. You might be expecting gentle nostalgia, especially when the CD of the performance is called Beautiful Memory. But Henderson is definitely in the moment, delivering a raucous version of "Never Make Your Move Too Soon" (or just "Never Make Your Move" as it is abbreviated on the CD track listing here). I dug this song when B.B. King recorded it back in the day, and it still sounds very timely now. The rhythm section is keyed up for the birthday bash, and won't allow a senior citizen to relax. But Henderson doesn't seem interested in relaxation. He belts it out to the back row and beyond, and I imagine a few cars on Main Street even honked their horns in appreciation. You can always retire, but if you're Bill Henderson you should never make that move too soon.

Reviewer: Ted Gioia


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