Donald Vega: Wake Up!


Wake Up!


Donald Vega (piano)


Tomorrows (Imagery Records)

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Donald Vega (piano), David J. Grossman (bass), Lewis Nash (drums).

Composed by Donald Vega


Recorded: Brooklyn, NY


Rating: 91/100 (learn more)

I saw drummer Lewis Nash play with pianist Tommy Flanagan one time. He was good. And he has been good with many other great musicians as well. When I saw his name on the credits for pianist Donald Vega's new album Tomorrows, I jumped to the conclusion that Vega must be good as well, if Nash is playing with him. As fate would have it, Nash opens the album's first cut, "Wake Up!" with a brief drum flourish. It took all of about two seconds after that to determine that Vega was indeed good. Bassist David J. Grossman is good too. Vega's composition is a subtle melody that the band swings aggressively. Vega proves to be quite the soloist and accompanist. Grossman does a lot of walking and doubles-up on some of the accent notes of the tune's head. Nash is given several breaks on which he takes full advantage. The superior material Vega has created must be a treat for musicians of this caliber to tackle. It would be hard to find any progressive jazz piano trio out there these days that could play better than these guys.

Reviewer: Walter Kolosky

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