Mike Clark: Loft Funk


Loft Funk


Mike Clark (drums)


Blueprints of Jazz, Vol. 1 (THR0809-018A)

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Mike Clark (drums), Christian Scott (trumpet), Donald Harrison (alto sax), Patrice Rushen (piano), Christian McBride (bass),

Jed Levy (tenor sax)


Composed by Mike Clark & Jed Levy


Recorded: Oakland, CA, May 14-15, 2006


Rating: 89/100 (learn more)

Mike Clark was immortalized for his mercilessly funky rhythms on Herbie Hancock's 1974 fusion classic Thrust. Thirty-five years later he can still lay down "Palm Grease" licks, and what's even more remarkable is that he can propel a groove just as hard with an all-acoustic band, as he does here on "Loft Funk." Selecting the right personnel for this task helped. Christian McBride's standup bass is so in the pocket with Clark, he makes you wonder why Fender bothered to create an electric bass. Patrice Rushen's syncopated comping completes an airtight and righteous rhythm section. The horn-led theme sounds like something the late Eddie Harris could have dreamed up; later, Donald Harrison even slips a Harris quote into his solo. "Loft Funk" is an organically deep groover with no additives or preservatives.

Reviewer: S. Victor Aaron

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