Jeff Hamilton: The Serpent's Tooth


The Serpent's Tooth


Jeff Hamilton (drums)


Symbiosis (Capri 74097)

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Jeff Hamilton (drums), Tamir Hendelman (piano), Christoph Luty (bass).

Composed by Miles Davis. Arranged by Christoph Luty


Recorded: Los Angeles, February 2, 2009


Rating: 92/100 (learn more)

Miles Davis wrote "The Serpent's Tooth" for a 1953 recording date he led featuring the enviable two-tenor lineup of Charlie Parker and Sonny Rollins. Unfortunately, neither tenor man was at his best that day, and MIles' fine composition has not been covered much in the intervening years. Jeff Hamilton used it as the closing number on his trio CD, Symbiosis, and bassist Christoph Luty's ingenious arrangement abruptly takes the tempo down to half-speed at the beginning of the bridge, only to gradually accelerate back to the original fast tempo in the first four bars of the final A section. While the tempo changes do not occur during the solos, the two appearances of the accelerating passage show just how well this group plays together. All three members of the group solo here. Pianist Tamir Hendelman gets the lion's share (or serpent's share?) with a dazzling solo that starts in straight-ahead bop style but moves in and out of more advanced harmonic territory. In his last chorus, Hendelman incorporates an exciting shout chorus to offset his improvised ideas and to offer a thrilling conclusion to his solo. Luty's solo sticks in the bebop style and features stunningly articulated hornlike lines which most bass players wouldn't dream of trying. Hamilton roars through his spots with rapid-fire movement between his toms and tenor drums. An excellent performance by one of the best mainstream groups in jazz today.

Reviewer: Thomas Cunniffe

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