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Ray Brown Trio


Walk On: The Final Trio Recordings (Telarc 2CD 83515)

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Ray Brown (bass, composer), Benny Green (piano), Gregory Hutchinson (drums).

Recorded: live at Sculler’s Jazz Club, Boston, Massachusetts, Oct. 17 or 18, 1996


Rating: 100/100 (learn more)

“F.S.R.” was one of the Ray Brown Trio’s most popular songs. The story is: It was a Milt Jackson record for Pablo called A London Bridge with Monty Alexander, Ray, and Mickey Roker, and they were recording “Doxy.” Ray, of course, always in arranging mode, came up with a shout chorus to play after the solos. Apparently, Ray and all of the guys liked the shout chorus so much they said, “Well, why play ‘Doxy’? Let’s just make the shout chorus the actual chorus.” Allegedly, Ray said, “Yeah, that’s right. F— Sonny Rollins.” So that’s where “FSR" came from. So this is Ray’s take on “Doxy.”

Once he made that transition as the teacher, always hiring guys like Keezer and Benny Green and Larry Fuller, and Kareem Riggins and Greg Hutchinson and George Fludas, it was great to hear Ray keep these cats on their toes---almost like Betty Carter and Art Blakey did. These guys would be sweating hard. They had that look on their face, like “I’d really better come through, or I’m gonna be flat on my ass.” This is a really good example of Ray just in the pocket with these young cats for a good 7 to 8 minutes, walking his ass off. It was beautiful to hear them pushing Ray, and Ray pushing them back, and this real hard-core swinging tension in the middle of it all.

Reviewer: Christian McBride

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