Frank Rosolino: I Love You


I Love You


Frank Rosolino (trombone)


Fond Memories of Frank Rosolino (Double-Time 113)

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Frank Rosolino (trombone),

Louis van Dyke (piano), Jacques Schols (bass), John Engels (drums)


Composed by Cole Porter


Recorded: Hilversum, The Netherlands, June 13, 1973


Rating: 98/100 (learn more)

Frank Rosolino could burn through a jazz standard in a way that few other trombonists could. "I Love You", recorded in the Netherlands with a Dutch rhythm section five years before his death, stands as one of the most stunning documentations of Rosolino's prodigious talent.

Rosolino pulls no punches from the opening solo trombone intro; however, we soon discover that he's just getting started. His presentation of the melody sits perfectly within the tempo laid down by the rhythm section. Rosolino launches into a five-minute solo, implying the melody while engaging in nonstop trombone acrobatics. He spends most of the time in the upper register of the horn, creating an exciting effect that he sustains throughout the entire solo.

But it doesn't stop there: Rosolino takes the head out after short solos by van Dyke, Schols and Engels, but instead of stopping at the end of the form, he keeps blowing for another minute, just in case anyone thought he might be getting tired. As the track fades out to Rosolino's continuous burn, we're left wondering just how long he might have kept going were it not for the recording engineer's fade-out!

Reviewer: Alex W. Rodriguez

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