Kid Ory: Muskrat Ramble


Muskrat Ramble


Kid Ory (trombone)


The Chronological Kid Ory 1922-1945 (Classics 1069)

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Kid Ory (trombone),

Mutt Carey (trumpet), Joe Darensbourg (clarinet), Buster Wilson (piano), Bud Scott (banjo), Ed Garland (bass), Minor Hall (drums)


Composed by Edward Kid Ory


Recorded: Los Angeles, March 21, 1945


Rating: 91/100 (learn more)

Kid Ory is best known as the original proponent of the New Orleans tailgate trombone style, but he is often overlooked as one of the important composers of early jazz. "Muskrat Ramble" was his biggest hit, made famous during his tenure with Louis Armstrong.

This version, recorded almost 20 years later, has the hallmarks of the Dixieland revival style that Ory helped launch in the late 1930s: clean ensemble interaction, exposed sections for various soloists, and a more polished feel than the original recordings. Ory's trombone style had changed little; however, what he lacks in virtuosity and innovation, he compensates with a bright, exuberant tone, impeccable rhythmic sensibility and emotive growls and effects.

Although Ory never takes a solo per se, he gets many moments to shine, often shouting and growling through the trombone during breaks and belting out counterpoint underneath each melodic strain. His triumphant arpeggio after the final chorus gives him the last word, followed only by the final hit that ends the tune.

Reviewer: Alex W. Rodriguez

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