Alphonse Mouzon: Poobli




Alphonse Mouzon (drums, percussion, keyboards)


Virtue (MPS 15498)

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Alphonse Mouzon (drums, percussion, keyboards), Gary Bartz (sax), Stu Goldberg (acoustic & electric pianos, Mini Moog synthesizer ),

Welton Gite (electric bass)


Composed by Alphonse Mouzon


Recorded: Stuttgart, Germany, November 1976


Rating: 92/100 (learn more)

Drummer Alphonse Mouzon is a gifted multi-instrumentalist and sometimes movie actor who had a role in the Tom Hanks-produced movie That Thing You Do. It must be tiring to be so talented. Of course, I can only imagine! At any rate, the liner notes say that while Mouzon plays many keyboards, Stu Goldberg plays all the solos. But there are times on "Poobli" when two keyboards are playing an ascending melody line in unison. Either Stu overdubbed himself or Mouzon is playing pretty damn good beside him. Either way, this sonic jazz-rock anthem is a pleasing fusion outing in every way. A little pre-event electric piano and nonchalant Mouzon backbeat lead you to believe you will be in for a gentle jazz ride. This does not last. Slowly but surely the tension builds. The synthesizers gain steam. Saxophonist Gary Bartz joins them. Bassist Welton Gite keeps the gear work in motion. The steady groove, building off the main riff, gains traction as you climb higher and higher. The song fades out before you reach the apex of the ride. You will have to imagine the fall on the other side. "Poobli" is a fusion ride you will want to go on a second time.

Reviewer: Walter Kolosky

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