Jimmy Greene: Blue Bossa / Boudreaux


Blue Bossa / Boudreaux


Jimmy Greene (soprano sax)


Gifts and Givers (Criss Cross 1295)

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Jimmy Greene (soprano sax), Marcus Strickland (tenor sax),

Danny Grissett (piano), Mike Moreno (guitar), Reuben Rogers (bass), Eric Harland (drums)


“Blue Bossa” composed by Kenny Dorham. “Boudreaux” composed by Jimmy Greene


Recorded: Brooklyn, NY, April 5, 2007


Rating: 87/100 (learn more)

Jimmy Greene chills out in this unorthodox version of "Blue Bossa" in 7. His solo flows with total rhythmic freedom and control, which he displays by both floating freely through the changes and digging in with tight rhythmic accuracy. Greene presents "Blue Bossa" along with a composition of his own, "Boudreaux," which serves as a funky jam of an outro. After the pause between the two, Greene is joined by Marcus Strickland on tenor sax for a short, improvised conversation to launch Strickland into a passionate, energetic solo. The astounding rhythm section takes it out in style. A great recording by this relatively young, talented group.

Reviewer: Dane Orr

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