Mark Turner: Moment's Notice


Moment's Notice


Mark Turner (tenor sax)


Yam Yam (Criss Cross 1094)

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Mark Turner (tenor sax), Brad Mehldau (piano), Kurt Rosenwinkel (guitar), Larry Grenadier (bass), Jorge Rossy (drums).

Composed by John Coltrane


Recorded: New York, December 12, 1994


Rating: 86/100 (learn more)

The lone standard on Mark Turner's debut as a leader could not pass through the hands of these young talents and come out unscathed. Unlike Coltrane's original 1957 recording, which features a burnin' swing feel, Turner's 1994 performance is in odd meter, giving it a much more angular bounce than a flowing swing. It is good to see that these musicians, who have since grown even more mature in their playing, are stretching their limits by playing the standard in odd meter, and although it seems at times as if the soloist might lose his place, the wonderful Ballard/Grenadier rhythm duo keeps the train on track. This rendition of "Moment's Notice," while at times hard to follow, is an essential track for any listener seeking recordings of standards performed by modern players.

Reviewer: Dane Orr

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