McCoy Tyner: Elvin (Sir) Jones


Elvin (Sir) Jones


McCoy Tyner (piano, harpsichord, cello)


Trident (Milestone)

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McCoy Tyner (piano, harpsichord, cello), Ron Carter (bass), Elvin Jones (drums).

Composed by McCoy Tyner


Recorded: Los Angeles, CA, August 1975-September 1976


Rating: 89/100 (learn more)

What a great combination: Tyner, Carter & Jones. McCoy Tyner wrote a fabulous song for his former Coltrane bandmate. The piano is Tyner's mistress, as he effortlessly burns through chorus after chorus with magnificent use of textures, bringing out his instrument's utmost beauty and darkness. Elvin Jones lives up to his namesake, with his ride patterns and head-splitting snare accents. Ron Carter shows why he is one of the most recorded bassists in history, with a diverse bassline moving back and forth with Jones as if they were two boxers sparring in practice. The magic of the Davis-Coltrane rhythm sections was captured nicely on recordings in the '60s and '70s, and this track stands as a strong testament to their power.

Reviewer: Jared Pauley

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