John Stetch: This Is It (Bugs Bunny)


This Is It (Bugs Bunny)


John Stetch (piano)


TV Trio (Brux 14112)

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John Stetch (piano),

Doug Weiss (bass), Rodney Green (drums)


Composed by M. David & J. Livingston


Recorded: New York, November 18-19 2007


Rating: 92/100 (learn more)

With John Stetch's brief opening statement, you know right off you've heard this song before. If you've spent any part of your childhood sitting in front of a television watching Warner Bros. cartoons, it's more than just déjà vu. Yes, this is the tune played at the beginning of those animated shorts.

Stetch and his crew play this song with crispness and vitality, but it's his arrangement that deserves the most props. He never wanders far from the familiar melody, but disrupts its timing, changing a few chords and adding perhaps an extra line or two. After the intro threatens to take the song in an entirely different direction, the trio abruptly pulls it back to the main theme. The herky-jerky playful approach creates a perfect soundtrack for Elmer Fudd's hopeless pursuit of that wascally wabbit.

Vince Guaraldi might have been the only adult most of us listened to as a kid, but John Stetch provides the perfect excuse for grownups to hear to kiddie music once again.

Reviewer: S. Victor Aaron

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