Ede Wright: Noche Besso


Noche Besso


Ede Wright (electric guitar, percussion, programming)


Earthbound Gravity

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Ede Wright (electric guitar, percussion, programming),

Marc Miller (bass), Chris Burroughs (drums)


Composed by Ede Wright


Recorded: Atlanta, Georgia, March 2008


Rating: 93/100 (learn more)

Guitarist Ede (pronounced "Eddie") Wright's "Noche Besso" is the subject of this review because I dig the bassline theme played by Marc Miller. (There may be some assistance from Wright's programming as well. You never know with the newfangled toys at a musician's disposal these days.) The bassline seems to be sneaking around the room and hiding behind furniture. When it stops, you want to go looking for it. When it returns, you feel all is well with the world and you smile. Wright plays nice chords and a mellifluous solo, his notes dripping with invention. Drummer Chris Burroughs ably works the cymbals, adding texture and keeping time with that bass. As shown as well by the other cuts on the album, Ede Wright is a superior composer. But a good composition is only half the equation. Wright can play the hell out of that guitar. Combine it with his writing acumen, and you have something with real staying power. I know that damn bassline at least is going to stay with me through my supper!

Reviewer: Walter Kolosky

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