Alberta Hunter: Early Every Morn


Early Every Morn


Alberta Hunter (vocals)


Alberta Hunter Vol. 3 (1924-1927) (Document Records)

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Alberta Hunter (vocals), Louis Armstrong (cornet), Sidney Bechet (soprano sax),

Charlie Irvis (trombone), Lil Hardin Armstrong (piano), Buddy Christian (banjo)


Composed by Higgins & Overstreet


Recorded: New York, December 22, 1924


Rating: 91/100 (learn more)

A major singer in the first phase of blues recording, Alberta Hunter (recording under the pseudonym, "Josephine Beatty"), sings this very 1920s tune in the manner of the early '20s women blues singers (except for Bessie Smith): half vaudeville, half stylized blues. It has very catchy, slightly campy, and quite memorable melody and lyrics, which Hunter performs with verve and more than a dash of sauciness.

This track is most notable for the two lead instrumentalists backing her, young virtuosos who would each have tremendous impact on jazz: Louis Armstrong and Sidney Bechet. After a fine ensemble intro, Alberta sings several choruses; then Armstrong and Bechet take the break, with Satch deepening the rhythm with a classic New Orleans riff and Sidney blowing some soaring lines with saucy, bluesy slurs that complement the vocal, weaving around one another in a marvelous tango of New Orleans horns. Though you have to wade through the 1924 acoustic recording, this is very engaging stuff, with an excellent taste of early Armstrong and Bechet.

Reviewer: Dean Alger

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