Ede Wright: Army of Me


Army of Me


Ede Wright (electric guitar, percussion, programming)


Earthbound Gravity

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Ede Wright (electric guitar, percussion, programming),

Marc Miller (bass), Chris Burroughs (drums)


Composed by Björk and Graham Massey


Recorded: Atlanta, Georgia, March 2008


Rating: 92/100 (learn more)

In perhaps a bit of irony, Ede Wright's most harmonically complex song on Earthbound Gravity comes from international pop star Björk's straightforward industrial rock hit of 1995. Wright's interpretation transforms "Army of Me" into an up-tempo modern jazz piece. Wright and bassist Marc Miller combine to render the verses and chorus as brisk and odd-metered basslines, with Wright overdubbing single-line guitar notes where Björk's lyrics would go. The bridge is a boppish departure from the written composition that Wright uses as a platform to launch some wickedly fast and fluttering lines. "Army of Me" is a dark, weary song at heart, but Ede Wright saw its potential as a lively jazz tune by injecting a little soul and a lot of musicianship into it.

Reviewer: S. Victor Aaron

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