Thomas Moeckel: Asora




Thomas Moeckel (trumpet)


Seasons (Brambus Records)

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Thomas Moeckel (trumpet),

Domenik Landolf (tenor sax), Jean Paul Brodbeck (keyboard), Michael Chylewski (bass), Christoph Mohler (drums)


Composed by Michael Chylewski


Recorded: Zurich, Switzerland, 1999


Rating: 95/100 (learn more)

Swiss triple-threat jazzman Thomas Moeckel puts aside the guitar to take a turn on trumpet for this airy valse by bassist Michael Chylewski. Recorded in the Zurich studio of Radio DRS as a special project, the album offers a variety of original compositions representing the moods of the seasons. "Asora" features Moeckel in a cool jazz mode, and his playing is authoritative and relaxed. Chylewski's dynamic upright is the key to the energy propelling the rest of the ensemble, supported by J.P. Brodbeck's judicious piano coloration and drummer Christoph Mohler's crisp, airborne punctuation.

I hear springtime and flowers in this piece but, to the best of my knowledge, Asora is a hotel in the charming Alpine mountain village of Arosa, Switzerland, known for its wintry vistas. Regardless, the playing on this track is buoyant and upbeat, a warm ray of sunshine to thaw the most snowbound weary traveler.

Reviewer: Bill Barnes

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