Nenad Gajin: Cocek




Nenad Gajin (acoustic and electric guitars)



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Nenad Gajin (acoustic and electric guitars),

Slobodan Trkulja (sax, kaval), Aleksander Banjac (keyboards), Vladimir Samardzic (bass), Marko Dordjevic (drums)


Composed by Nenad Gajin


Recorded: Serbia and France, 2008


Rating: 90/100 (learn more)

A little research has informed me that "Cocek" is a form of Serbian folk music closely associated with dance. To many it is tied to Gypsy brass music and belly dancing. There are sections of this tune, as played by guitarist Nenad Gajin and a fine group of musicians, where it would be very easy to dance. In fact, it would be almost impossible not to get out of your chair. But there are other parts where it might be better to sit it out and try to drink everything in. I suspect one could get drunk very fast listening to this. I guess that's part of the tradition as well. The Eastern European ethnic sounds are immediately alluring. The fusion elements added to those strains carry the music a great distance beyond its original borders. Saxophonist Slobodan Trkulja, Gajin, and keyboardist Aleksander Banjac each takes an outstanding turn. I am thrilled to have been introduced to this exciting fare, which is a boiling pot of folk music mixed with jazz-rock spices. You will also like the taste, perhaps with a hard drink or two.

Reviewer: Walter Kolosky

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