Sidney Bechet: Save It, Pretty Mama


Save It, Pretty Mama


Sidney Bechet (soprano sax)


Blues in Thirds: 1940-1941 (Giants of Jazz)

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Sidney Bechet (soprano sax), Rex Stewart (cornet), Earl Hines (piano), Baby Dodds (drums),

John Lindsay (bass)


Composed by Don Redman, Denniker & Davis


Recorded: Chicago, IL, September 6, 1940


Rating: 94/100 (learn more)

The tune begins with a slow-tempo, beautifully balanced ensemble thematic statement, delivered almost delicately, like an old formal dance stepping along. Then pianist Earl Hines enters with gorgeous, rolling variations, employing superb dynamics and accents, followed by Rex Stewart's muted cornet sliding and punching out some sublime blues lines spiced with perfect slurs. Next the drama and intensity take a leap upward with a characteristic soaring, wailing solo by Sidney Bechet. The last section brings everybody together for a marvelous rhythmic, bouncing ensemble ending, with all the instrumental voices contributing just the right tone, momentum and spirit, in excellent balance, resolving things nicely. This is sweet stuff from a great group of jazz masters.

Reviewer: Dean Alger

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