Will Sellenraad: It's Been A Long Time


It's Been A Long Time


Will Sellenraad (guitar)


Balance (Beezwax BW9708)

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Will Sellenraad (guitar), Victor Lewis (drums),

Abraham Burton (tenor sax), Kiyoshi Kitagawa (bass)


Composed by Victor Lewis


Recorded: New York, February 8, 2007


Rating: 90/100 (learn more)

The title came about probably because drummer Victor Lewis wrote it a long time ago, but finally brought it to light specifically for guitarist Will Sellenraad's quartet. A blues at its core, it's nicely varnished with a hard-bop sensibility, and Lewis adds flourishes to keep the swing factor high. Bassist Kiyoshi Kitagawa takes the first solo, and for nearly two minutes weaves dulcet maneuverings out of his vibrant tone between both ends of the register. The guitarist mixes easy flowing single lines with full and half chords so subtly it never sounds labored. Saxophonist Abraham Burton supplies the most powerful statements, but tempers his edginess with a reverence for tradition and a sensuous approach. There's nothing complicated here, but top-notch playing makes the simple sublime.

Reviewer: S. Victor Aaron

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