Cameo (with Miles Davis): In The Night


In The Night




Machismo (836 002-2)

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Miles Davis (trumpet), Kenny Garrett (alto sax),

Tomi Jenkins, Nathan Leftenant (vocals), Merv De Peyer (keyboards, drum programming), Larry Blackmon (vocals, possibly percussion and bass)


Composed by Larry Blackmon & Merv De Peyer


Recorded: early 1988


Rating: 87/100 (learn more)

Miles Davis's sideman appearances post-Kind Of Blue are about as rare as Arizona Cardinals Super Bowl appearances, but incredibly, both actually happened. In the case of the jazz icon, he showed up one day in the late '80s at a recording session by Cameo, one of the hottest funk bands of that time. Miles came with his sax foil at the time, Kenny Garrett, in tow.

The best part of this mostly instrumental funk-jazz workout comes in the opening seconds, when Miles alone spits out a few notes that are unmistakably his just about a measure ahead of the beginning of the backing track. His open horn playing has that clear but ruminating quality he is famous for, but on the second sequence of vamps, the muted horn appears along with Garrett, and it gets somewhat funkier. Soon afterwards, the horn players battle for space against each other and overdubbed versions of themselves, which makes a pretty good jam session just a little messy.

That can be forgiven; while this performance isn't "Right Off" caliber, you'll know from both the trumpet and sax playing that this ain't no Rick Braun/Gerald Albright summit meeting, either.

Reviewer: S. Victor Aaron


  • 1 Fredric Jacob // Feb 14, 2009 at 01:30 PM
    This track represents a high point in Cameo's long and funky recording history. Miles plays with his characteristic soul-full charm, he sounds very comfortable and at home in this ultra funky setting. Any fan of Jazz-Funk will be impressed by this meeting of two worlds, and Miles Davis enthusiasts will not be disappointed by the masters minimal approach.