Eddie Lang: Eddie's Twister


Eddie's Twister


Eddie Lang (guitar)


Pioneers of Jazz Guitar: 1927-1939 (Retrieval)

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Eddie Lang (guitar), Arthur Schutt (piano).

Composed by Eddie Lang


Recorded: New York, April 1, 1927


Rating: 90/100 (learn more)

This is the best known of the relatively few recordings Eddie Lang made featuring him on guitar with a piano accompanist. Lang opens with a catchy, memorable theme, then moves into well-constructed variations, with charming descending lines that give the piece character. His usual excellent harmonic sense is well displayed, and he makes fine use of the lower strings to add richness to the song's tone and texture. While it doesn't have quite the dazzling virtuosity of Lonnie Johnson's solo guitar recordings of the following February, such as "Away Down in the Alley Blues," it is a fine demonstration of the superb musicianship of Lang, who had a significant impact in jazz—and beyond. Arthur Schutt provides fairly simple but effective and complementary piano backing, and takes a one-chorus lead with some nice flourishes in the middle.

Reviewer: Dean Alger

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