Mark Winkler: Cool




Mark Winkler (vocals)


Till I Get It Right (FreeHam FH0907)

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Mark Winkler (vocals),

Cheryl Bentyne (vocals), Bob Sheppard (tenor & soprano saxes), Jamieson Trotter (piano), Dan Lutz (bass), Steve Hass (drums)


Composed by Marilyn Harris & Mark Winkler


Recorded: North Hollywood, CA, 2008


Rating: 90/100 (learn more)

With the smooth swagger of Gene Kelly dancing through the wet streets in Singin' in the Rain, Mark Winkler exercises his lyrical and vocal chops on "Cool." He is joined in duet by an icy-hot Cheryl Bentyne trading lines to this decidedly chilled piece of "hip" music. With the snap of his fingers to the time of the laid-back beat, and Dan Lutz's smoky basslines coming up the rear, Winkler slyly makes reference to (Henry) Mancini and (Chet) Baker in his lyrics as examples of cool. With the wink of someone in the know, saxophonist Bob Sheppard takes the clue and interjects a line from the Mancini Pink Panther songbook to punctuate the matter. A nice bass solo by Lutz leads into a Getzian-cool tenor solo by Sheppard that accentuates the mood of unabashed indifference yet somehow still cooks. Bentyne does some fine vocalizing at the end, showing her range. Winkler plays creatively with the whole concept of what is cool and what is not, and creates a very enjoyable piece of music. Mark Winkler, to take a line from your lyrics, "You're swimming-pool cool."

Reviewer: Ralph A. Miriello

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