Toninho Horta: Portrait in Black and White


Portrait in Black and White


Toninho Horta (guitar, vocals)


To Jobim With Love (Resonance Records HCD-2004)

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Toninho Horta (guitar, vocals),

Dave Kikoski (piano), Gary Peacock (bass), Esdra Ferreira (drums), Dede Sampaio, Esdra Ferreira, Julinho Barbosa, Julio Barbosa, Manolo Badrena, Sergio Brandao, Zeuler Michelina (percussion)


Composed by Antonio Carlos Jobim; arranged by Toninho Horta


Recorded: New York, 1998


Rating: 92/100 (learn more)

Winter blues got you down? Take a sonic sojourn with a recently unearthed gem that summons visions of Rio beaches, swaying palms and steaming rainforests. To mark bossa nova's 50th birthday, George Klabin, founder of Resonance Records, has reissued Toninho Horta's loving tribute to Antonio Carlos Jobim. Originally released only in Japan and Brazil, To Jobim With Love had long been a Klabin favorite. In 2007 he was presented with the opportunity to secure the rights to this nearly forgotten recording, and happily did so.

The bossa has been around for decades, but with few exceptions (Charlie Byrd comes to mind) most non- Brazilian artists tend to misinterpret the form's subtle rhythm. This track is the real McCarlos; guitarists aspiring to capture that Brazil vibe could find no greater example than the flawless, pearl-shaped lines Toninho lays down on "Portrait in Black and White," going down smooth as a freshly shaken Caipirinha. The layers of string and flute enhancement are deep but somehow never interfere with the melody's quiet introspection. Horta's breathy vocals and assured, warm guitar work get ample backing from a crack rhythm section and his soaring, dreamy orchestral arrangement. This is a masterful interpretation of Jobim's classic.

Reviewer: Bill Barnes

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