Wynton Marsalis: Concerto in E-flat Major for Trumpet and Orchestra by Joseph Haydn (first movement)


Concerto in E-flat Major for Trumpet and Orchestra (first movement)


Wynton Marsalis (trumpet)


Haydn, L. Mozart, Hummel: Trumpet Concertos (Columbia Masterworks)

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Wynton Marsalis (trumpet),

National Philharmonic Orchestra (orchestra), Raymod Leppard (conductor)


Composed by Joseph Haydn


Recorded: CD released in 1983


Rating: 100/100 (learn more)

No, it's not jazz—duh!—but anyone who wants to come to grips with the phenomenon of Wynton Marsalis needs to hear his classical side, and there is no better place to start than his debut classical album, made when the trumpeter was 20. It would earn him a Grammy in 1983, and gain him a following among a wide audience who had never come within 500 feet of a jazz club. In particular, listen to the cadenza toward the conclusion of the first movement of the Haydn concerto. It's not just the technical control, which admittedly can blind you to everything else, but even more the freedom of his phrasing. The cadenza goes beyond the bounds of the idiom, yet also seems perfectly appropriate. I don't think anyone else on the planet could have pulled this off back then, or today for that matter. I once took some students through this movement, then had them listen to the same cadenza as played by the esteemed Maurice André. I think this comparison may have opened up their ears to Marsalis's importance even more than any "mere" jazz recording would have done.

Reviewer: Ted Gioia


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