Rick Derringer (featuring Chick Corea): Rock




Rick Derringer (vocals, guitar, electric sitar)


Spring Fever / Sweet Evil (WOBR 3423)

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Rick Derringer (vocals, guitar, electric sitar), Chick Corea (Moog synthesizer),

Edgar Winter (piano, electric piano), Johnny Winter (slide guitar), John Siegler (bass), John Siomos, Bobby Caldwell (drums)


Composed by Rick Derringer


Recorded: New York, probably 1975


Rating: 82/100 (learn more)

In 1975, Chick Corea's success with his jazz-rock combo Return To Forever was at its peak, while Rick Derringer was preparing the follow-up to his own biggest success, All-American Boy, the album that spawned the hit "Rock & Roll, Hoochie Koo." Since Corea was already halfway there to rock, appearing on Derringer's next record, Spring Fever, was perhaps another logical step away from jazz.

Featuring an electric sitar, lively rock beat, lyrics like "shake it shake it, turn me on," and an arena-ready Derringer guitar solo, "Rock" has all the ingredients for mid-'70s bombastic rock. Corea had to find space for his blurting synth within the intervals between the lyrics. Like the song as a whole, his Moog might have knocked a few people's socks off at the time, but it's not particularly memorable today. To be fair to Corea, it wasn't the ideal setting for a foray into straight-ahead rock. Give him more challenging material and room to stretch, and then we could have seen some real competition for Rick Wakeman.

Reviewer: S. Victor Aaron


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