Charlie Mariano: Neverglades Pixie


Neverglades Pixie


Charlie Mariano (saxes, reeds)


Helen 12 Trees (MPS 15483)

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Charlie Mariano (saxes, reeds), Jan Hammer (piano, Moog synthesizer), Jack Bruce (bass),

Zbigniew Seifert (violin), John Marshall (drums), Nippy Noya (percussion)


Composed by Charlie Mariano


Recorded: Munich, Germany, May 1976


Rating: 94/100 (learn more)

"Neverglades Pixie" begins with a typical, lyrical Chick Corea Return to Forever electric keyboard intro. This is strange because Jan Hammer sounds nothing like Chick Corea. But perhaps just this one time. Anyhow, the tune quickly gets sidetracked. It is now a slow romp. Charlie Mariano plays over the panning changes. He gains steam. His soprano starts filling in the missing parts. Then he creates some of his own parts. The romp is deeper now. Jack Bruce's throbbing bass and drummer John Marshall's backbeat ensure it. When violinist Zbigniew Seifert takes his turn, you listen with unbridled joy as he lets loose a stringed demonstration of fusion bliss. It is brilliant playing. (Why did we have to lose Seifert at such a young age?) Then comes Hammer on Moog. The romp is now full bore. This is fun music for fusion boys and girls of all ages. (OK, I know there aren't many of those fusion girls. But this song is about a pixie.)

Reviewer: Walter Kolosky

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