Sarah Vaughan: Shulie-a-Bop




Sarah Vaughan (vocals)


Swingin' Easy (Emarcy 314 514 072)

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Sarah Vaughan (vocals), Roy Haynes (drums),

John Malachi (piano), Joe Benjamin (bass)


Composed by George Treadwell & Sarah Vaughan


Recorded: New York, April 2, 1954


Rating: 90/100 (learn more)

Few anticipated that Roy Haynes's next move, after extended runs with Lester Young and Charlie Parker, and club dates/sessions with Milt Jackson, Bud Powell, Kai Winding, and Miles Davis, would be entering into a 5+ year gig with vocalist Sarah Vaughan. But it was a career-defining and in many ways career-enhancing choice.

Haynes fondly recalls his years with Vaughan on both personal and musical levels. He traveled the world with Sarah, and in the process made more money than he ever had before. He would soon marry (in 1958) and begin to have children, and the financial security accorded him through his tenure with Vaughan solidified both his present and his future. It's also no secret that Mr. Haynes enjoys his clothes and his cars, and his inclusion on the "Forty Best Dressed Men in America" list in Esquire Magazine (1960) was due in part to his exposure on Vaughan's world tours.

For every mention of the practical/personal reasons for his choice to accept the Vaughan gig, Haynes has historically countered it with a comment regarding the unparalleled musicality of the group's vocal leader. "Shulie-A-Bop" is a charming, up-tempo swinger with which Vaughan introduced her band both in concert and, uniquely, on record. The now famous moment where Vaughan proclaims "Roy Haynes" between two of the drummer's breaks is perhaps what's best remembered about this track, but everyone's performance is top-notch. Haynes's brush groove is deep, his comping ideas are playful, and Sarah Vaughan's aggressive scatting is an example of a tremendous instrumental solo.

Reviewer: Eric Novod

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