Cecilia: Prelude D'amore


Prelude D'amore


Cecilia (vocals)


Papillon (One Music)

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Cecilia (vocals),

Rene Toledo (guitar)


Composed by Gianni Errera & Cecilia Frioni


Recorded: Rome


Rating: 82/100 (learn more)

A writer friend of mine used to do a radio show on the Internet. It was the usual kind of thing, served up from a web page that supplied the audio feed, a chat room, and the ability to take phone calls. During one particular show, Josh received a call originating from Scotland. We were all familiar with the caller, as she was part of our small group of music reviewers. When Andrea said, "Good evening Josh," the chat room just about exploded. "Oh my gawd! That voice!!" Yes, there was no arguing with the fact that she possessed one deep & sexy voice.

This was pretty much my first reaction when listening to Cecilia. So much texture. So much air. With her singing framed perfectly by the guitar of Rene Toledo, I almost felt like I'd intruded on some sort of illicit musical intimacy. Do I know Italian? Not a word. Trust me, it doesn't matter. And to think, she once opened a show for Barry White! That must have been one romantic evening.

Reviewer: Mark Saleski


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