Sound Assembly: Slide Therapy


Slide Therapy


Sound Assembly


Edge of the Mind (Beauport Jazz BJ3806)

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JC Sanford (conductor),

Bud Burridge, John Hines, John Bailey, David Smith (trumpets), Mark Patterson, Alan Ferber, Lolly Bienenfeld, Chris Olness (trombones), Dan Willis, Eric Rasmussen, Chris Bacas, Ben Kono, Dave Riekenberg (reeds), Deanna Witkowski (piano), Andrew Green (guitar), David Ambrosio (bass), John Hollenbeck (drums)


Composed by JC Sanford


Recorded: Brooklyn, NY, August 18-19, 2005


Rating: 92/100 (learn more)

So I happened to spend a major portion of the past two days listening to a band that was formerly on my "Eh, Whatever" list. Many years ago, a friend tried to turn me on to the Icelandic group Sigur Ros, and I would have none of it. The vocals alone put me on edge with their falsetto whine and "lyrics" sung in the nonexistent language of "Hopelandic." Yeesh. But then I had to contradict myself after seeing the band on TV, playing a show at the Museum of Modern Art. I don't know what my former self was thinking, but I just love this stuff!

Uh where was I? Oh, yeah. So with my headspace crammed full of the weird rock band thing, I put on this Sound Assembly track and it takes me a second or two to realize that I'm not listening to Sigur Ros. The slippery trombone bends and similar sliding guitar notes combine to surreal effect. The tension builds as more and more horns join the cascade of flowing notes (now moving in both directions). The suspense is finally broken by a groove that slowly takes shape. From there on in, the horns build to a frenzy that's sliced up by some snarling guitar and a few start-&-stop passages that lead us into a pensive fadeout. I can guarantee your reaction to this music will not be "Eh, Whatever."

Reviewer: Mark Saleski

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