Steve Lantner Quartet: Given, part 6


Given, part 6


Steve Lantner Quartet


Given—Live in Münster (hatOLOGY 663 )

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Steve Lantner (piano), Allan Chase (saxes), Joe Morris (bass), Luther Gray (drums).

Composed by Steve Lantner


Recorded: Münster, Germany, January 7, 2007


Rating: 90/100 (learn more)

"Given, part 6" is the final movement in the 6-part live performance that makes up pianist Steve Lantner's Given—Live in Münster (a review of part one can be read here). The entire 47-minute concert is played without a break, so separating the recording into individual tracks is likely a concession to the format; the divisions are somewhat arbitrary. Still, this track has a character of its own. The players are relying entirely on their own devices at this point in the performance. The slight compositional conceit (organization according to a mutable set of predetermined intervals) has run its course. This last track serves as a gradual, 5-minute exhalation that naturally brings to a close the (mostly) high-energy set. Saxophonist Allan Chase plays bari here, and he's as agile and expressive on the large horn as he is on alto and soprano. Bassist Joe Morris is as insistent at concert's end as he was at its beginning—more so, actually—while drummer Luther Gray's stuttering polyrhythms and pianist Lantner's impressionistic block chords cool by degrees. Evaluating this track in isolation makes about as much sense as rating the final few measures of a symphony. It's a part of the larger whole and can only be truly appreciated as such. In that context, it's wonderful.

Reviewer: Chris Kelsey

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