Daniel Sadownick: There Will Be A Day


There Will Be A Day


Daniel Sadownick (percussion)


There Will Be A Day (In Time Records)

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Daniel Sadownick (percussion),

Joe Magnarelli (trumpet), David Binney (alto sax), Rob Bargad (piano), Scott Colley (bass), Daniel Freedman (drums)


Composed by Daniel Sadownick


Recorded: New York, date unknown; released September 2008


Rating: 94/100 (learn more)

There Will Be A Day is Daniel Sadownick's debut album, and on it he reveals his impressive abilities not just as a percussionist, but also as a composer and arranger, primarily blending hard bop with Afro-Cuban rhythms. His résumé is quite diverse, having played with artists ranging from Michael Brecker and Pat Martino to Al Green and Steely Dan.

Altoist David Binney and trumpeter Joe Magnarelli merge harmoniously on the gracefully wistful title track, augmented by pleasing chordal fills from Rob Bargad's piano. Sadownick's tuneful congas first enter when Binney's crystalline alto takes the lead in elucidating the soaring bridge. Binney's solo is artfully constructed, his lunging phrases and swift, complex runs appearing only after his patiently paced and heartfelt opening. Magnarelli's richly lyrical trumpet follows, backed by Sadownick's tastefully unobtrusive accents. The reprise offers another welcome glimpse at the leader's engaging melodic creation, only to give way to an example of his penchant for ambitious and intricate arrangements. Congas now drive an insistent vamp that fades to Bargad's impassioned solo, and then another attractive vamp showcases the surging congas themselves. A new vamp finally draws the satisfying piece to its conclusion.

Reviewer: Scott Albin


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