Gilad Hekselman: New York Angels


New York Angels


Gilad Hekselman (guitar)


Words Unspoken (LateSet Records)

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Gilad Hekselman (guitar),

Joe Martin (bass), Marcus Gilmore (drums)


Composed by Gilad Hekselman


Recorded: New York, 2008


Rating: 90/100 (learn more)

It takes a special player to amass remarkable technical skills but to use them primarily to create an unpretentious personal style. At age 25, Gilad Hekselman is already one of those special players. Since moving to New York from Israel in 2004, he has become a busy freelancer, working frequently with Ari Hoenig and Anat Cohen. On "New York Angels," a mid-tempo, straight-and-swung original from his sophomore release, he reveals the desirables discussed above glimpses of prodigious talents inundated by an unfussy combination of imaginative chordal work and studied, lyrical phrasing. There's also no doubt that playing with Ari Hoenig, the current king of metrical time-shifting, has sharpened Hekselman's rhythmic proficiency. The guitarist consistently and comfortably plays odd note groupings over barlines that not only land where they're supposed to, but make sense in the overall scope of his solo.

Reviewer: Eric Novod

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