James Sudakow & Eric Zimmermann: The Greatest Life I've Even Known


The Greatest Life I've Even Known


James Sudakow (electric violin) and Eric Zimmermann (electric guitar, programming)


There Is No Sound In Space

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James Sudakow (electric violin), Eric Zimmermann (electric guitar, programming).

Composed by James Sudakow


Recorded: Prosper, Texas, 2008


Rating: 86/100 (learn more)

I was sure I found a typo in the title "The Greatest Life I've Even Known." I went out on the net and found some other reviewers had assumed the same thing and changed the "even" to an "ever." But I have learned painfully never to take something for granted. I got in touch with the publicist and discovered there is no typo. It is what it is. I now find myself fascinated with the title. What the hell does it mean?

"The Greatest Life I've Even Known" is the album's final cut. Violinist James Sudakow approaches the tune from the Middle East. His slow echoing lines are suddenly interrupted by guitarist Eric Zimmermann's Metallica-like power chords. The two musicians, using overdubs and Zimmermann's programming, then kick into gear. Zimmermann plays some acoustic guitar along the way. It sounds unusual in this industrial setting. Sudakow's compositions and the performance heard here are an acquired taste. You must be prepared to be blasted away. Quiet reflective moments are less than scarce. Melodies may be hard to locate as well. This is music for those with a strong constitution. Those of you who scarf down the atomic hot wings will dig it "ever" more.

Reviewer: Walter Kolosky


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