Mahavishnu John McLaughlin: Waltz for Bill Evans


Waltz for Bill Evans


John McLaughlin (acoustic guitar)


My Goal's Beyond (Rykodisc RCD 10051)

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John McLaughlin (acoustic guitar).

Composed by Chick Corea


Recorded: New York, March 1971


Rating: 93/100 (learn more)

My Goal's Beyond marked the first album by guitarist John McLaughlin in which he used the Mahavishnu name given to him by Guru Sri Chinmoy. The recording also featured, among others, future Mahavishnu Orchestra bandmates drummer Billy Cobham and violinist Jerry Goodman. But half the album featured John McLaughlin alone.

The Chick Corea-penned "Waltz for Bill Evans" is presented beautifully. A showcase for McLaughlin's mastery of guitar dynamics, it is also the album's most jazz-based performance, given its lush chords, rolling arpeggios, harmonics and tasteful runs that clearly come from the jazz idiom. McLaughlin's phenomenal timekeeping creates the patient textures that make up the fabric of the song. Short of what would become McLaughlin's inimitable playing style, there is nothing here that would indicate any connection to jazz-rock fusion. McLaughlin has played plenty of such tunes, actually. But for some reason they tend to be overlooked by detractors because of his more dramatic music. My Goal's Beyond is an album that all guitarists should hear.

Reviewer: Walter Kolosky

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